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Hospital Management Software



The Package of H-PLUS covers all major functional areas of Hospital. The development environment ensures that H-PLUS has the portability and connectivity to run on virtually all standard hardware platforms, with stringent data security and easy recovery in case of a system failure.

H-PLUS is a state-of-the-art software suite that offers comprehensive solutions to various segments of Healthcare Industry addressing all the issues from multi-discipline angels namely Patients, Doctors, Pharmacy, Hospital Management and Services. It is suitable for all types, sizes and specialties of Hospitals, small Nursing Homes, HMOs, Polyclinics and General Practitioners.

H-PLUS ERP has been tested, proven and awarded for excellence in a large-scale, widely distributed, health care environment. H-PLUS has interviewed hundreds of physicians and other health care professionals to identify their requirements. We built our applications based on what they told us would help them take better care of their patients, make their practices more efficient and make their lives easier. The main features of H-PLUS ERP include Integrated Design, Modular Structure, Multi Level Security, Easily Customizable, GUI Based and User Friendly.

H-PLUS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response to patient care, cost control, and increased profitability.

We believe that every hospital is unique in terms of its requirements and priorities. Hence, flexibility has been built into H-PLUS to allow easy customization.

Salient Features
  • One Integrated View to Patients for Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical History etc.
  • Package supports Adaptability & Scalability of software making it more robust.
  • General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD and IPD Patients
  • Authentication and verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility
  • Easy Query Handling for instant decision of Bed Allocation for Patients, and request for the Bed Transfers
  • Effective Search facility to search any type of information related to Patient history
  • Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for analysis.
  • Comprehensive Performance Reports.
  • Built in Work Flow Management for all functional areas
  • Multiple Store Accounting
  • Interface facility with the Smart Card Technology 
  • Interface with the Bar Code
  • Interface with various Laboratory Equipments for Data Capturing
  • Integration of Multiple units of Hospital
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Streamlines Healthcare processes
  • Easy Centralized Backup Options
  • Highly secure, remote access with alternative devices (laptops, tablets, PDAs)

Work Flow Diagram

Enquiry / Appointment & Reception Management

Enquiry system is for storing details of users, customers, visitors, clients etc. The system is designed with a reliable, spontaneous interface which meets the requirements of all information seekers. This Module covers Reception and Patient Management. It includes Reception enquiries & list of vacant beds, Trace location of any patient by ward or bed, Bed occupancy chart for any given date & time and Bed reservation in advance.

This module also controls the reminder details which is very useful of your front desk personal records, anyone and anything that enters or exists your building. This highly effective software package allows you to capture the information, person's name, address, time of this person. It is a reminder details which can help you for getting details of any entry person in any time. Some highlighted features of this module are:

Key areas of this module are:

  • Store details of User, Customer, Visitor, Clients
  • Quick Date wise search of visitors for enquiry
  • Patient Management
  • Trace Patient location in hospital
  • Patient History Management
  • Reception Enquiries
  • List of vacant beds / rooms.
  • Bed occupancy chart for given date
  • Bed Reservation
  • Doctor Appointment

Out Patient Department (O.P.D)

OPD Management Module of HMS is an advanced system for OPD of hospital. This module is suitable for any specialist doctor to configure their needs. It enables physicians and hospital managers to efficiently manage their hospital' daily operational needs. OPD Module of HMS is designed for a single-user or multiple users in a network environment. This comprehensive software services equip medical centers with useful tools to implement a complete medical solution.

As a power packed OPD module, H-Plus not only offers simple user interface for people to easily work with, but also makes it easy to get report to, as is provided with host of report modules such as Case wise registration report, Consultant wise registration report, etc.

Key areas of this module are:

  • New Patient / Old Patient
  • Allocation of Patient unique Reg. No.
  • Patient History
  • Payment (Cash/Organization)
  • Maintain Patient's Diagnostic Reports.
  • Medical Advice /Lab Investigation Details
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Scheduling
  • Medical Certificate
  • Financial Report Generation

Indoor Patient Department (I.P.D)

IPD Management module of H-Plus is a module of hospital management system that takes care of admission, discharge, billing, charges and the transfer process of a patient. It captures the diagnostic tests, medicines and procedures prescribed by the doctors and nurses.

Key areas of this module are:

  • Data Entry
  • I.P.D. Registration Entry
  • Payment Receive Entry
  • Room Change Entry
  • Bill Charges Entry
  • Discharge Entry
  • Discharge Card Entry
  • I.P.D. Refund Entry
  • Advance Booking Entry
  • Document & Reports
  • Case Sheet
  • Medical Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Discharge Bill
  • Advance Booking
  • Consent Form
  • Visitor Pass
Laboratory & Imaging

Laboratory & Imaging module automates and tracks your laboratory samples from login to invoicing and final reporting. Laboratory System of H-Plus is specialized information management software for immunogenetics laboratories. Its functions cover a wide range of laboratory activities, including complete laboratory workflow from the arrival of the sample to reporting of results and billing. Laboratory module of H-Plus can be also integrated with external systems and devices.

The foundation of the program is made up of individual sections: Laboratory, Typing, Data, which follows individual analytical steps at various worksites of immunogenetics laboratories. Here all reports can be generated quickly and accurately. Thus ensuring the improvement over performance and efficiency of your lab management

Key areas of this module are:

  • Manage all the tests and related reports (MIS) on pathology.
  • Quick test reporting
  • Adding special marks for abnormal test results
  • Reference values for the particular test
  • Customised description on test values
  • Mantain inventory of laboratory
  • Stone Analysis reports.
  • Doctor's referrals record
  • Amount collected from relevant patients
  • Record of Incentives (doctor wise / date wise)

Pharmacy & Medicine

Pharmacy module of H-Plus is the complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the Pharmacy, Distribution, C&F Management & Manufacturing (as per WHO-GMP) units of Pharmacy module for medicine shop management is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Pharmacy module of H-Plus was designed after obtaining quality certification from the Panel of Senior Chemists & Doctors by thoroughly assessing the software. Since then this module is committed to provide the best supporting system for the Pharmacy. From time to time according to the market needs all the amendments are committed by us to make this module perfect.

Key areas of this module are:

  • M Rapid Speed Billing
  • Multi Patient Handling
  • Expiry Management
  • Dump Stock Handling
  • Report on Fast Moving Items & Slow Moving Items
  • Always Better Control (ABC Analysis)
  • Re-Order with Best Supplier Management
  • Best Cash & Cards Handling
  • Best Prescription Handling
  • Substitute Medicines on a Key
  • Monitoring the Cash & Stock Handling
  • On-line & Off-line Version
  • Data Exchange with Hospital/ERP Software
  • Direct SMS/Email System
  • Cashier System
  • Auto Backup System

Inventory & Stock

General Stores and Inventory module deals with Purchase of Items, Issue of Items, Maintenance of Stock, Automatic Reorder level Setting, Online request for stock from various sub-stores, Online stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Return of items to supplier etc.

Key areas of this module are:

  • Stock management
  • Stock Purchase through Enquiry generation
  • Sub stores issues and receipt of stocks
  • External hospital stock issues and receipt
  • Option to include and track gift or donation of stock
  • Stock requisitions from sub-stores and corresponding management
  • Quotations and Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase order generation and processing.
  • Emergency Purchase order
  • Advance payment requisitions to Finance
  • Goods Receipt Note and Purchase returns
  • Automatic stock updates on receipt of goods
  • Stock returns and destruction tracking
  • Invoice verification
  • Supplier management and supplier payment facility available
  • Supplier invoice management
Payroll Management

Payroll management module of H-Plus targets features if payroll processes that a typical HR/Account dept. of a small/medium/large sized company follows. The software covers all the forms which the Government of India has made compulsory for the Indian firms to adopt with respect to their employees. A The Payroll & Personnel module deals with Pay (and deduction) calculation, printing of salary slip, salary certificates, and PF statements, Gratuity Statement and provides a monthly analysis. It deals with the maintenance of employee bio-data, Attendance / Overtime details.

It also reports on absenteeism, leave encasements etc. The Personnel & Payroll department is responsible Employee Related Activities like appointing the staff, maintaining the employee database, Fixing allowances and deductions, Leave entitlements, Leave sanctions, Loan, Termination Process, Maintenance of Hospital documents, Insurance details, Tenancy Contracts and Vehicle Registration.

Key areas of this module are:

    • Employee Profile
    • Leave Management System
    • Time Management System
    • Payroll Management System
    • Employee Transfer, Promotion& & Increments
    • HRD Procedures
    • Income Tax Management (TDS)
    • Reports
      •     Salary statement
      •     P.F. Statements
      •     Challans
      •     Government Form
Financial Accounts

The Financial Accounting Module deals with Cash/Bank, Receipt/Payments, Journal Voucher and General Ledger etc. Books like Cashbook, Bankbook and Ledger book can be generated. This module generates reports like Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement. The Financial Accounting Screens describe about the Account Payable, Account Receivable and General Ledger. Also describe the activities related to IP, OP, Bank related activities and provision to clearing the Supplier Invoice and keep track of the Account Receivable and Revenue related activities. The services that are covered by the sponsor companies, Insurance Agencies, Family Accounts, Individual Accounts, sponsorship details of the patient, Health Card Insurance are recorded in the system.

Key areas of this module are:

  • Monitor and manage the financial performance of your business using real-time dashboards with key revenue, expense, receivables metrics and more.
  • Optimize cash management, reporting, analysis and allocation in real time, at the corporate and subsidiary level.
  • Leverage more than 100 standard reports, including income statements, balance sheets, consolidated reports, variance reports and side-by-side comparisons—or easily create and define financial reports according to the needs of your business.

Management Information System (MIS)

The dashboard presented in the hospital management system software is a summary of key parameters values covering all areas of the hospital that are generally monitored by the top management on a regular basis. Some of the parameters could be current bed occupancy, revenue for a period, collections etc.

Key areas of this module are:

  • Graphical presentation of key parameters for easy navigation to the management like
  • Total No of Registration
  • Bed Status Ward wise/Hospital wise
  • Revenue details
  • Customizable key parameters as per user
  • User definable presentation views/graphs
  • Auto Refresh facilitating latest information at all times
Print Receipts / Reports / Bills / Certificates

Instant Bills of all admitted patients, Receipts, Credit Note & Refund vouchers, Summarized & Detailed Bill Printing comes under this Module.

Key areas of this module are:

  • Manage all Bills
  • Refund Entry
  • Credit Note
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Death/Birth Certificates Printing
  • Summary of Accounts
  • Balance Reports.
  • Payment Reports

Administration & Monitoring

Multiple password security, exclusive department access, department or panel wise discount and discount authorization & details.

Key areas of this module are:

  • Manage all the users and Privilages.
  • Monitoring of data according users

Add on Features
  • Connectivity to multiple locations through Web, Wireless etc.
  • Real-time connectivity with Web-portals.
  • Integration of Multiple units of Hospital.
  • Bio-metric/ Smart Card integration for Attendance and Security Purposes.
  • Interface with the Bar Code Scanners.
  • SMS Alert System.
  • Integration with Electronic Devices such as Display Boards, PDA's, Mobiles etc.

Hardware & Software Requirement

1- Server machine (with Microsoft XP 2008 Server Operating System) specifications
            P-IV Dual Core or Above
            RAM 4 GB
            Hard Disk 500 GB   
            CD Writer
            LAN Card
2- Client machines (with Microsoft XP Operating System)
            P-IV Dual Core or Above
            RAM 2 GB
            Hard Disk 250 GB   
            LAN Card

3- Wireless/Wired LAN connectivity
Switch 16 ports

4- Laser Printers

5- UPS (Specially for Server machine)

Technology Used

Front End tool:        Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (asp. Net with C# or VB.Net)

Back End tool:        Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Designing tool:       Photoshop 8.0

Reporting tool:        Crystal Report 11.0

Terms & Conditions:
  • Implementation: We will implement the H-PLUS Software after the confirmation of our proposal. We need 15 –20 days for the full implementation and running of the software.
  • Payment Criteria: 50% of Software cost at confirmation time and rest 50% after implementation.
  • Software Maintenance: First year Software maintenance is free and after one year 20% AMC will be charged.
  • Hardware Maintenance: One-year warranty on every hardware product without any physical damage.
  • Data Handling: We are not responsible for any data feeding in software. For saving and securing your data, we provide backup facilities
  • Taxation: 10% service tax paid on billed amount.

We are looking forward to undertake full computerization of your esteem hospital and develop long-term business relations.

Thanks and assuring our best services all time.

Best Regards

Monika Varshney
(Project Manager)

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