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School Automation Software

At Present, in the time of increase innovation every school/college management wants timely information in a accurate manner, regulatory compliance, make latest data available to all Staff and Student, avoid duplication of work and increase productivity, ensure maximum data security. SAS provides these all facilities in a user-friendly environment with reliability of various software functions. A team of software professionals guided by Charted Accountants, M.B.A.s and Computer Professionals develops this Software over a long period.
School Automation Software is complete end-to-end school/college management software. Here you can maintain school/college data for sessions together and reports are available for data analysis and decision-making. It has a modular approach & is an integrated system with many key features. This approach of Integrated Management system avoids duplication of work and results in time and cost savings. Modules like Accounts, Academics, Fees, Timetable, Infirmary, Hostel, Student, Staff, transport, library Etc…are available. It has modules ready to be plugged into the basic framework, to integrate with variety of devices like Bar Code.


Student Management Section
  • To maintain student and parental database for generating vital MIS reports.
  • Define rejection parameters.
  • Short- Listing of admission
  • Course wise Admission.
  • Automatic Creation of Registration Numbers.
  • Smart Modification of any Information.

  • Student Registration Information
  • Search Students
  • Student Documents Entry
  • Student Medical Checkup Entry
  • Student Cancellation Entry.

  • Admission Register
  • Admission Date wise
  • Student Classification State Wise, Caste Wise, Religion Wise
  • Separate Student Report
  • Total Student Report
  • Student S.R. Register
  • Student Medical Report
  • Student Document Submission Report
  • Student Caster Category Report
  • Student Fee Category Report
  • Student Remark Report
  • Class wise Student Report
  • SNew Admission Student Report
  • Cancellation Admission Report
  • Sibling Report
  • Birthday Report

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Identity Card Section
  • Identification of every Student.
  • Student’s complete information by code sensing. As Fee Report, Report Card and any other report can quickly identify by Identity Card with quick sensing of barcode.

  • All Information is collected from Registration form.

  • Printing I. Card with Student’s Information
  • Barcode Sensing in Identity Card.
  • Verify Student’s Identity.
  • Complete Information of Student can be search out by Identity Card’s Bar Code.

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Staff Management Section
  • Staff Information Management.
  • Personal Information of Staff.
  • Date of Joining, Experience.

  • Staff Information

  • Separate Staff Information Report
  • Total Staff Information
  • Subject Wise Teachers Report
  • Designation Wise Staff Report
  • Experience Wise Staff Report

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Payroll Management

  • Monitors Loans and advances.
  • User specific Earning and Deduction.
  • Increment slabs can be define as yearly / on joining dates
  • Leave Statements
  • Leave Encasement
  • Staff profile & Performance
  • Manpower Authorized Vs. Actual
  • Recruitment Vs Retirement
  • Monitoring of Attendance

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Fee Management Section
  • Monitoring of demand, Collection and balances.
  • Various category of fees structure could be identified.
  • Fixed fee adjustment.
  • Modify different category fee.
  • Late Fee Collection (Yearly, Monthly, Date Wise, Period Wise.)
  • Fine Fee Collection (Yearly, Monthly, Date Wise, Period Wise.)

  • Fee Slip Entry
  • Standard Entry
  • Fee Receipt Entry
  • Prospectus Fee Collection
  • Special Activity Fee.

  • Dues Reminders
  • Fee Receipts.
  • Fee Cards.
  • Daily Collection
  • Monthly Collection
  • Total Student Fee Details
  • Class Wise Fee Detail
  • Total Student Yearly Fee Details
  • Class Wise Students Yearly Fee Details
  • Total Dues of Students
  • Tuition Fee Slip
  • Category Wise Fee Collection
  • Prospectus Collection Fee
  • Special Activity Fee Collection
  • Special Activity Fee Collection
  • Fee Collection report of every student with report information
  • Late Fee Collection (Yearly, Monthly, Date Wise, Period Wise.)
  • Fine Fee Collection (Yearly, Monthly, Date Wise, Period Wise.)

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Hostel Management

  • Details of the room allotment.
  • Information of students
  • Hostel caution deposit
  • Mess bill on a monthly / divided system.
  • Inventory of hostel materials
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Keeping track on expenses of basic facilities

  • Defaulters list monthly
  • Monthly mess fees.
  • Maintenance charges
  • Monthly expenditure statement

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Inventory Management

  • Real-time inventory tracking .
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Wireless or Batch Data-Collecting
  • Barcode Printing
  • Expiration Date Tracking
  • Manufacturer Lot Tracking
  • Unit of Measurement Configuration

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Library Management System

Basic Structure of Library System is as follows:

Masters: Book Info: Magazine:
Library Master
Fine Tables
Issue Tables
Shelf / Row Details
Media Type Master
Language Master
Book Details: Add/ Delete
Book Details View
Book Details View
Edit Accession No.
Edit Book Id Code
Changing Book Title
Deleting and Modifying report
according Accession No.
Magazine Addition
Magazine Receipts

Transaction: Reports: Other:
Book Issue
Book Return
All copies
Selected Copies
Accession wise Edit
Clearance Report
Multi Query Bases Reports
Summery ReportGeneral Reports
Book Price Based Report
Book Issue Based Report
Over Due Book
Book Return Register
Missing of Book
Publisher Wise Book Information
Writer Wise Book Information
Subject / Category Wise Book Information
Date Wise Book Information
Student Issue/ Receive Status
Period wise fine Collection
User Administration
User Rights Management
Library Card Generation
With / Without Barcode

List of reports available in Library System:

Master List: Books: Query Based Report:
List of Department
List of Subject
List of Supplier
List of Publisher
List of Book Categories
List of Fine Group
List of Book Shelf
List of Book Shelf Rows
List of Languages
List of Book Media Type
Particular Subject
Particular Book Title
Particular Department
Particular Supplier
Particular Author
Particular Book Category
Particular Shelf & Row
Particular Language

Book: General Report Book: Consolidated Summery Report
List of Books : Purchase Date wise
List of Books : Accession No. Wise
Category wise Summery of Books
Department Wise Summery of Books
Subject Wise Summery of Books
Language Wise

Book: Price Based Reports Book: Issue Based Report
List of Books: For a particular Period
List of Books: For a particular Category
List of Books: For a particular Department
List of Books: For a particular Subject
List of Books: Consolidated
Book Issue Register: For a Period
Book Issue Register: Particular Member
Book Issue Register: For A Class
Book Issue Register: For Accession No.
Book Not Return: For a Period
Book Not Return: For a Particular Member
Book Not Return: For Particular Accession No.
Over Due Books: For All Members
Over Due Books: For a Period
Over Due Books: For a Particular Member

Book: Multi Query Based Reports Book: Return Based Report
User can select the field/ Information needed in
the result and can filter the same lased on
Book Return Register: Return no. Wise.
Book Return Register: For a Period
Book Return Register: For a Particular Member

Miscellaneous Reports:
Detailed Report on Particular Book: Title Wise
Detailed Report on Particular Book: Book Accession No. Wise
Book Label Printing
Book Card Printing
Issue Card Printing

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Examination Section
  • Tabulates the marks based of the University Criteria.
  • Maintains attendance subject wise.
  • Generates Performance Sheet, Subject and Exam Wise.
  • Total Assessment Summary.
  • Promotion Criteria Evaluation based of rules.

  • Subjects Marks Entry with Subject Code.
  • Cross List Entry
  • Student Attendance Entry
  • Special Activity and Award Entry
  • Subject Wise Comment Entry

  • Subject Report
  • Cross List Class Wise
  • Separate Student Report Card
  • Special Activity Certificate
  • Total Student Reports with Marks
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Autocratic Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. : Software development, Web site Development , Software solution, Technical Support Company in Aligarh India
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